Unbelievable photos of actress, Abimbola Ogunowo before and after bleaching

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The practice of bleaching in Africa has risen to a point where it is now considered a norm. Bleaching, for most Nigerian celebrities, is a norm and is more often viewed as a sign of living the good life.

From intravenous medicines to body creams, many people in Nigeria have taken on this practice with the hopes of looking more attractive. For Abimbolaa Ogunowo, before the glam, money, fame and the rich skin, there was the struggling not-so-lightskinned lady. The Yoruba actress has since left several people in shock after photos of her transformation photo popped up on the internet. The very light-skinned actress who is also an award winning skin care therapist has earned herself quite a number of customers merely by the proof of her own transformation.

Just recently, there was a report of pregnant Ghanaian women who were taking bleaching pills to whiten their unborn babies. While this is due to the fact that most Ghanaian babies are born dark The pills work by creating chemical reactions that reduce the secretion of hormones that darken the skin of the child, making them light-skinned while they are still in the womb. A while ago, CRESTNEWSN.com reported the news of how Mercy Aigbe left her followers stunned after she shared a photo of herself from 11 years ago. The massive change in her skin tone was what everybody talked about.

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