Comedian Alibaba condemns recent killing of huge elephant in Ondo state

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A Nigerian man gained the attention of social media users when he shared photos of the huge elephant he killed

– Top Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba reacted to the killing, blaming the appropriate authorities who should have prevented the killing of endangered animal in the first

– He shared the post on his social media page, stating that the man who killed the elephant would have made from it had it been left alive earlier shared photos of a local hunter who killed an elephant. Top Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba recently condemned the act which happened in Idanre, Ondo state. The endangered species was killed by a local who was praised by speculators for his bravery and photos of people gathering the gentle beast circulated online. Unsettled by the innocent display of ignorance, Ali Baba shared the photos and commented, stating that the animal was worth more alive to its killer but that knowledge was far out of reach to the Idanre local.

In his post, he said: “Congratulations. You killed the elephant. The meat will last 6 months. Or if you sell it you will make lets say about 200k… hmmm. Then someone will say his agency protects the endangered species in Nigeria. They think it’s just about placing adverts to justify their annual allocation. If we had functional reserves, would we not have more value for this elephant? There are full grown adults of 40 years plus, that have never set their eyes on a real elephant, or even touched one. But hey… You can not blame the man. If he knew how much that elephant would have fetched him ALIVE… He would not have killed it. And see the spectators… all wishing it was their luck.”


Ali Baba is known for airing his opinion of some of the ills happening in the Nigerian society. As a passionate citizen, his worry is some of the things taken for granted are steps, if taken to building a better nation. Meanwhile, Singer Wizkid is happily acquiring animals such as monkey and goat as pets.

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